Human Factor


 Your proprietary information is at risk every day and it's more than data that you lose. Data breaches cost money, customers, and even market share. Unfortunately, many breaches result from a lack of employee awareness of the security risks inherent in their actions online, in social media, at work and at home. 

What we offer



Lights! Action!  Hollywood-style production training videos

Each video is short, concise and rich in multimedia with robust motion graphics

Hosted SCORM-compliant web-based training

Scenarios written by experts from Symantec, a world leader in cyber security

Bi-monthly newsletters highlighting the latest security topics

Scary Internet Videos, a series that looks at risks in a light-hearted way

Printable posters and email reminders for your internal communication campaigns

What you get


Change in end-user behavior, which changes corporate culture

Promote proactive employee behavior to better protect information

Help decrease the risk of loss and disclosure of vital data

Meet regulatory requirements specific to security awareness training